A Green Summer

Hi so it is Summer, and we’re thinking, how to be sustainable and eco-friendly and during the summer months and some of the seasons.

I found some interesting fashion stores eg. Everlane that has their swimwear collection made of premium fabric, and derived from recycled plastic. https://www.everlane.com/collections/swimwear?style=New+Arrivals


And if you are looking at the summer dress to wear or for your partner, you can find at


And for sustainably made and eco-friendly dresses:


For more eco-friendly clothing ideas this summer:

And for the men, these are links that feature eco-friendly dressing during the season


Where to for eco-friendly ideas for items, dining, and food buys




12 sustainability-minded restaurants in Singapore to support

Greenest restaurants in the world https://www.pinterest.com/pin/481463016390036446/

And eco-friendly activities, what should we do?



I found this Hummus and Greens wraps recipe, this should be simple to make

Some tips and links for you, during the months ahead!

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